Why Knowledge Centered Support Matters and How it can Impact Your Key Support Metrics

How do you empower your support agents to find the knowledge they need to efficiently solve customer issues? How do you create a culture that puts knowledge sharing and collaboration at the...

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Customer Support

The Role of Messaging Apps in Your Support Stack

The rise of messaging apps is fundamentally changing the way your support team communicates internally as well as externally with customers. Slack is the fastest growing SaaS application in history and is quickly becoming the communication and notification hub of your team. Our own survey of over 80 support teams revealed that 82% of teams used Slack. Perhaps more surprising was that the average number of Slack bots installed per team was over five, indicating how entrenched and utilized the app is internally. Much like your ticketing solution, Slack is another destination that is sitting open for your support team all day.  But it’s not without its challenges that affect the productivity of your team.

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Customer Support, Startup Advice

The Importance of an Internal Knowledge Base in All Hands Support

Customer support hasn’t always gotten the love it deserves. Traditionally, most SaaS businesses hire a team specifically dedicated to support, and these agents interact with customers on behalf of the company’s products and services. They both respond to customer complaints, and alert developers of potential bugs.

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7 Slack Apps To Supercharge Your SaaS Sales & Customer Support Teams

Businesses are relying on Slack now more than ever.

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Knowledge Management, Customer Support, Sales Enablement

Why Buying a SaaS Solution Only Solves Half of Your Problem

Today, businesses spend a significant amount of money on SaaS. We use SaaS solutions for nearly everything now: payment processing, CRMs, organization, communication, project management. I could go on.

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