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5 Support Driven Exposition (SDX) Sessions We’re Excited About

April 21, 2017 by Steve Mayernick

Not a week goes by where I don’t recommend Support Driven to a support professional. With a passionate, diverse, and engaged Slack community of over 1,900 industry thought leaders and experts, there’s an endless amount of resources to make you or your company better at support. When you throw a few hundred of those individuals together in-person, you can’t help but walk away enlightened.

In the past, the SupConf events and local meetups were the opportunities to connect with community members. But with SDX, the Support Driven team takes a new tactical approach to supporting their community. And, as official partners of Support Driven, we couldn’t be more excited about it.

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So what’s SDX?

SDX represents a new type of event for Support Driven - an event strictly focused on learning and building new skills - both technical and nontechnical. The 1-day workshop will be held in Portland on July 22nd, and each session will be delivered from a support perspective, ensuring actionable and tactical takeaways.

While there’s no shortage of intriguing talks, here are the five speakers we’re most looking forward to hearing from:

  1. Ben McCormack, Fullstory - Prove It: Clear Communication With Data

Ben’s a Hugger at Fullstory.

Having seen Ben give data-driven support talks in the past, I can attest to his expertise. Support teams often need to arm themselves with data to make compelling cases to product for changes, so I’m excited to see Ben hone in on communicating with data and what that could mean for support teams grappling with this reality.

  1. Mercer Smith-Looper, Trello - Be the Boss: How to Grow and Own Your Career in Support

I hear a lot about how front-line support agents can leverage their knowledge of the customer and product to get out of support, with exit opportunities often in QA or Product. That is, how to get out of support and do something else. All the while, we consistently see companies elevating support to first class citizens within their organization, recognizing the competitive differentiation good support can have. So all of this begs the question - how do we keep talented agents in support? Something tells me Mercer will have some answers

  1. Ben MacAskill, Smugmug - Motivating Your Team: Getting the Absolute Best Performance, Without Begging or Yelling

Good support requires empathy, as does managing teams. Ben has 14 years of experience supporting customers, building products, and running teams to draw on. I can’t wait to hear about how he’s leveraged his emotional intelligence to get the best out of his support teams.

  1. Heather Knight, Airbnb - Using Radical Candor to Build Trust and Transparency Within Your Team

I recently came across an article that discussed the debt of withheld feedback and it resonated so profoundly with me. At tech companies, especially startups, a lack of  candid, critical feedback can cripple growth and create a culture of distrust. I’m particularly excited to hear from Heather on how she’s combatted this at Airbnb.

  1. Nora West, Guru - Scaling Your Help Center With Internal Analytics

At Guru, we think about knowledge a lot. When it comes to your help center, ensuring you know which help center articles to send based on persona and scenario is critical. While slightly biased, I’m really looking forward to Nora sharing how to leverage data from your support team’s actions to provide a better overall customer experience.

So we’ll see you in Portland, right?

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The above sessions are just a few that caught my attention, but the event itself is shaping up to be awesome. For a full list, or to support the Kickstarter campaign and grab some tickets, head on over here and check it out.

We’re pretty stoked about SDX and hope you are, too. As a result, if you tweet this post and tag @Guru_HQ, we’ll enter you to win some sweet Guru swag.

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Hope to see you all in Portland!