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Sales enablement is a crucial — and not always well-defined — role. So what do you need to know when creating a sales enablement strategy for your sales org? Here are the stats to keep in mind as you craft something that can work for you.


1. Mo' money, mo' problems

A staggering $66 billion is spent annually on sales training and sales enablement technologies. But in a CSO Insights survey 77% of respondents said salespeople didn't understand their company's value to prospects, and only 58% of sales reps indicated they were making quota

2. Repeater

It's all about consistency. 70% of top-performing organizations provide a consistent sales message through the buying journey, while only 37% of all other firms do so. That's means it's not just about providing consistent content — content can't do the hard work for you, but it can set the narrative — but also about finding the right positioning, and having the right conversations.

Find more sales enablement stats in our complete guide: guide-to-sales-enablement

3. Price tag

Know your worth! Almost 60% of buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call. Ensure that pricing and packaging is a key part of your sales enablement strategy and that it's a primary part of every win/loss review.

4. Say you'll be there

Sales reps forget "42% of what they've learned within 20 minutes of learning it, and after 30 days they lose about 80% of it." Occasional training and once-a-year sales kickoffs are no replacement for contextual, in-workflow coaching that focuses on your overall messaging, common objections, and feature sets. 

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