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We’ve all been there. Staring at a blank document, cursor blinking as if to say, “why haven’t you started writing yet?” It’s one thing to be in this situation as a writer or a college student tasked with a final essay. But what if you’ve been tasked with documenting your feature releases, competitive battle cards, internal processes (SOPs), brand guidelines, and other key information at work? Writing down everything you know about a process, tool, skill or product? Or you’ve been asked to move all your internal information from one platform to another? Even as an SME (subject matter expert) the documentation process can feel daunting.

We want to help combat that moment of “writer’s block” with some of the best examples of knowledge documentation provided by Guru customers like Slack, Noom, Square, and Freshbooks. Starting today, we’re showcasing Guru Card templates in our brand new Template Gallery to help inspire your team and help you move your knowledge into Guru quickly and efficiently.

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When helping customers add new knowledge into Guru, or migrating their information over from a different platform, we always advise to first prioritize the information that is most searched for within your team or company. Guru makes it easy for your team to share knowledge and ensure that any teammate can find the information they need to do their job. But when you’re first getting started with Guru, it can be difficult to identify what that “most searched for” information actually is. Now, with examples curated by Guru customers at companies like Slack, Freshbooks, Ceros and more, you’ll have the inspiration and the formatting you need to get off to a quick start adding your first Cards into Guru. 

When scrolling the Template Gallery, simply click on the card that interests you, check out how our customer formats and organizes their Cards on the topic, and get going with the Card started for you!

Templates span across an array of themes (and there are more on the horizon!) but here a few to get your documentation juices flowing: 


"Our knowledge constantly changes as our team expands and evolves. Announcement Cards allow us to bring attention to new and updated information that directly impacts select roles across the team. This template helps Authors curate announcements efficiently and provides clear communication and predictability for Card Readers. Paired with the Knowledge Alert Guru feature, our team can stay up to date on the knowledge they need to do their job." Taylor Paschal
Knowledge Manager at Noom


"Your sales reps never know when they have to fight against industry competitors during a call. Providing focus on objection handling and key differentiators allows your reps to put their foot in the door so they have an opportunity to do more digging. This structure has been called out in many of our enablement surveys and is a crowd favorite."
Charles Derupe
Sales Tools and Content Manager at Square


"It’s so important to give everyone at your company clarity on top level objectives and key results (OKRs). At Guru, we capture and share OKRs using this template, and update them quarterly. This helps ensure everyone understands what each objective and key result means, why they are important, and how we will measure results. This helps empower every team, and employee, to align their priorities to the most important things we're working to accomplish as a company."
Anne Raimondi
Chief Customer Officer at Guru


Onboarding new hires in a remote setting?

Want to make sure they’re equipped with all the resources they need to get off on the right foot?

Creating an intuitive Employee Handbook and a Glossary of Terms (to avoid new hires drowning in all the new acronyms) is a great place to start — but those things can sound daunting to build out. The Template Gallery has got you covered!

Our champions have been so kind to submit these templates and you can copy them directly into your new Guru account. If you’re already a Guru customer, share the Template Gallery with your teammates and inspire them with new types of Card content! If you’re just getting started with Guru (👋🏼) this gallery is a great starting point for building out your Guru instance with a few initial Cards.

We’re really excited about the Card Template Gallery, and we’d love your help in building and improving our available templates. If you have thoughts on Card templates you’d like to see, or have Card templates you’d like to share, fill out our form here. We’d love to hear from you! 

We hope you enjoy the Gallery!


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