Tired of searching for information you need every time you visit a specific website?

Benefits of 'pinning':

  • Right knowledge at the right time! Put everyday knowledge you and your team need right front and center on specific websites or web apps. Provide them competitive intel, product data sheets, sales process & documentation...anything you want to consistently put in front of your team when they visit a specific page!

  • Set once for the entire team - 'Pinned' cards are suggested to your entire team automatically when they visit a specific page, so it's there for them even before they know they need it!

Here's how you can easily pin your Guru Cards right on specific websites or web apps you use everyday.

How to pin a Card to a website with Guru:

  • Browse to the website where you want to pin your Guru Card

  • Open Guru and click on the Card you would like to pin to that page

  • Click the pin icon in the bottom right of the Card

Click to pin

  • That's it! Now when you or your team visit that website, you'll see a red badge over the Guru icon with your pinned Cards suggested automatically.

  • To unpin a Card return to the page with which it is associated, open the Card, and click the pin to unpin the Card.

Common Use Cases?

  • Process & Documentation - Provide instructions on how to use a specific web app, as your team member visits that site.

  • Product info - Provide feature specific messaging about your products, and pin the feature-specific card to the page where the feature exists in your app.

  • Unified Customer View - Create a Customer Card, containing links to their accounts in CRM, support, success, document library, etc. wherever there is information about them. Then pin it to each page so your team can get a cross view of your customers.

  • Consistent Messaging - Create cards for company and product pitches, and pin them to each of your social media pages or anywhere your product is listed so your team is messaging your company and products consistently, and easily updating all those places as your messaging evolves.

  • Metrics - Pin updated company metrics to specific pages for easy access.

For additional, more dynamic surfacing of Guru cards, check out our other options with Guru Context!

If you have any questions or would like additional information please reach out to us and we can assist you (Click your avatar (the settings menu) and select 'Contact Us’).

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