At the 2018 Support Driven Leadership Summit in Boston, I moderated a panel focused on how industry-leading companies empower their support teams to drive revenue – in a non-slimy way. I sat down with Ashley Fielding, Senior Customer Support Team Lead at Shopify, Mo McKibbin, Customer Champion at Help Scout, and Jason Collette, Senior Director - Field Technical Services at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) to discuss how their organizations approach support.

Shopify, Help Scout, and HMH all know the importance of providing a positive customer experience (CX), and recognize that best-in-class experiences drive customer loyalty and revenue. Ashley, Mo, and Jason spoke about what makes their respective approaches to support stand out: they all emphasized the importance of coaching support reps to approach every customer interaction through the lens of helping that account reach the next step in the customer journey.

“We employ a support-driven growth model to shift the perception of support from cost center to critical revenue driver. We use a “yes and” tactic that we stole from improv. So, yes we’re answering your question, and here’s the next contextual step for your customer journey. That could be upsell or product adoption. It’s not just about where the customer is, but where they should be and where they should go next.” – Mo McKibbin, Customer Champion at Help Scout

Watch a recording of the panel below to find out how Shopify, Help Scout, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are rethinking support in an effort to drive revenue and fuel customer success.


For more insight into how Shopify empowers its support team to drive revenue, check out our case study video.

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